Welcome to Wingate Sales

Wingate Sales has been in business since 1994 providing quality military outerwear and civilian adventure wear. Our company first began selling Armed Forces ball caps as well as apparel and field gear. Later we added the Cockpit USA, Alpha Industries Inc. and several other lines of flight jackets and outerwear. We also added camping supplies including hydration packs and gear some shooting supplies.

Just one of the classic jackets available here at Wingate Sales is the Classic Top Gun Flight Jacket which is an American Iconic jacket and has been a favorite of customers world wide. The success of the Top Gun Movie continues to keep this classic in popular demand. The jacket is available in goatskin in the Movie Heroes version and lambskin in the fuller cut jacket. Both are American made.

If you are looking for Flight jackets. military apparel and adventure wear you have came to the right place. Kids apparel is also available including, jackets, pea coats and NASA wear. Please feel free to browse our store and email with any questions. We take pride in providing quality outerwear at affordable prices. We appreciate your business!

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